Cousins is my favorite any day, any time pizza place, probably in the world. I’ve dined at fine restaurants all over and I have to tell you, your dollar cannot be beat here. From the chicken bolognese (succulent chicken with eggplant and mozzarella atop pasta with red sauce) to their chicken florentine and specials like chicken portabella (wine sauce which is unreal) (which you can order any time, they’re just not on the menu), to their delicious pizzas– plain, buffalo chicken, and bbq chicken are my favorites, the food just cannot be beat. Oh and– the owners are super friendly. The $2 coupon kid must have been a jerk. I can’t believe the story in the bad review.

Cousins is reasonably priced, family friendly, even casual business or date appropriate, awesome food… I come home from college looking forward to my next visit.

One of the waiters could be more friendly and forget about free refills, but who cares when the food’s just so, belly-rubbing good.

by Missy S


Visiting NJ from Utah after moving away ten years ago. Ordered large pie and Philly cheesteak….. OMG OMG OMG OMG. I wished they delivered to Utah!!!!!!!

by Bill Apostole


A friend of mine has often raved about Cousin’s Pizza, and last evening I finally found out why. Cousin’s Pizza is tucked away in a small strip-mall on Livingston Street in Norwood. When you walk inside, you are immediately greeted by an appetizing array of Italian cuisine. The menu is above average, but it is the quality of the food which has made Cousin’s pizza a local favorite.

For the price you pay, you certainly receive the best quality around. The texture of there food, in particular that of their pizza, is completely on point! Furthermore, the food portions are considerably sized, and entrees always taste fresh. If you are ever within a fifteen-mile radius of Cousin’s Pizza – you would be missing out by not giving it a try!

by Will L.